2016 Spring Gushu Green Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er

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"Gushu" means this raw Pu'er tea comes from ancient trees, over 200-300 years old. The area where these trees grow is also a reservoir and the water is clean for drinking. The local counties and town protect nature in this area and the ancient tea trees grow very large.

The tea leaves were picked in early April 2016, and later hand-made into dragon balls for individual brewing.

The flavor brings to mind a mountain atmosphere, with a full-body and a sweet, long-lasting warmth. I love it because it reminds me of the mountains. This Pu'er is not very bitter and the bitterness that is there quickly gives way to a full sweetness in your mouth. If you pause after a few cups, you can enjoy the moist, sweet, full feeling in your whole throat and mouth.

Brewing Instructions

  • 1 ball (~6g)
  • 120-150 ml
  • 208° F
  • 1 min 30 sec
  • Gaiwan or Ceremic teapot (prefer zisha ceramic)


  1. Wash the tea with the first pour of hot water. Close the lid for only 20-30 seconds, pour out the tea and open the lid for 40-60 seconds. Don't drink this steeping. After this, you can begin to steep the tea for drinking.
  2. Start your first steeping at around 208° F. As the water temperature drops, the brewing time can be extended. If the water temperature is lower than 190° F, add some new water and reboil.
  3. I prefer Crystal Geyser bottled water. First heat it to 212° F and cool to 208° F for the first brewing.
  4. Store in a sealed container, avoid direct sunlight.