2017 Spring Gushu Silver Dragon Ball Raw Pu'er

185 $29.00

This Dragon Ball is from the YanLeng Mountain in the famous Mangjing tea village.

The leaves for this tea were picked in the middle of April 2017. This was slightly later than usual because the gushu (ancient trees) sprouted later than in normal years. 

In comparison to younger cultivated tea trees, the leaves from gushu are not very beautiful - they have more variety since the trees are older and more natural. But aside from the shape of the leaves, everything else about these tea trees is impeccable and they make exquisite teas. The flavor can be intense - it will transform from clearly bitter to a clearly sweet finish that induces saliva after swallowing. This is best for tea lovers who like strong flavors and aromas.

Each ball is 6-7 grams of pressed tea leaves. This is good for one tea session or about 5-6 steepings.

Before I chose this tea for 180andup, I shared it with 10-15 of my close tea friends. Everyone thinks that this will be a delicious surprise for people. Some people are surprised at the fragrance. Some people like the transformation from bitter to sweet. Some savor the experience of salivating after drinking. There are many ways to appreciate this unique tea.

Brewing Instructions

  • 1 ball (~6g)
  • 120-150 ml
  • 208° F
  • 1 min 30 sec
  • Gaiwan or Ceramic teapot (prefer zisha ceramic)


  1. Wash the tea with the first pour of hot water. Close the lid for only 20-30 seconds, pour out the tea and open the lid for 40-60 seconds. Don't drink this steeping. After this, you can begin to steep the tea for drinking.
  2. Start your first steeping at around 208° F. As the water temperature drops, the brewing time can be extended. If the water temperature is lower than 190° F, add some new water and reboil.
  3. I prefer Crystal Geyser bottled water. First heat it to 212° F and cool to 208° F for the first brewing.
  4. Store in a sealed container, avoid direct sunlight.