2019 Wudong Dancong Mi Lan Xiang Oolong

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I first drank this tea in 2013 at my friend's tea room in Chengdu. The elegance and sweetness of the floral & fruity flavors moved me immediately, and I have been buying and drinking Mi Lan Oolong from the same farm and the same tree every year since then. I'm very happy to share it with my friends who are also tea lovers!

This tea is one of my favorite teas. I don't drink it every day, but I will think about it inexplicably every few days. Drinking this Dancong Mi Lan Xiang is a bit like going to a Michelin restaurant. It always delights with its high quality but also surprises your vision and taste every time. I always try to arrange a most beautiful tea set, the best water, and carefully brew it.

This tea has a fruity fragrance of fresh lychee, just as strong as the first year I tasted it. It comes from Wudong Village in Fenghuang County, Guangdong – high altitude, year-round clouds, humidity, good terrain and temperature and very high quality tea growing. The tea trees in Wudong range from several decades old to over 600 years old - rich in variety and low in yield. There, they maintain traditional tea processing methods.

Every year after the Qing Ming Festival, the farmers wait for good weather and on the right day, they hand pick leaves from noon-3pm.

With an experienced tea master managing production, the finished tea leaves, even if they are stored for 3-4 years, will not feel aged and dull, the taste will remain fresh and cool.

Brewing Instructions

  • Gaiwan or Ceramic Teapot (zisha ceramics is ideal)
  • 5 grams of leaves
  • 100-120 ml
  • 208° F
  • 1 min 30 seconds


  1. The fruit scent is very beautiful, you should smell the tea leaves multiple times as you take them out of the package and when washing them the first time. I like to take the lid off my teapot or gaiwan and smell it.
  2. To bring out the tea's flavor, I highly suggest washing the leaves by pouring hot water over the dry leaves and quickly pouring it out before brewing for the first time. After washing the leaves, open the lid for 40-60 seconds. You can use this water to warm up your teacups and gongdaobei as well.
  3. For your first brew, your water should be 208° F. The next 4-6 brews will take longer to extract the same flavor. If your water cools below 203° F, you can add new water and re-boil.
  4. The best US brand of bottled water for tea that I have found is Crystal Geyser. It consistently has a good pH level.
  5. When storing, keep the tea at room temperature, sealed and protected from direct sunlight.