Rough-Pottery Gongdaobei by Chen Wei


This my current favorite gongdaobei (though it's so hard to choose!). I'm in love with the rough texture and the elegant proportions. Over time, I can feel it developing a lustrous patina from the tea and from my hands.

These are from a limited run by our artist Chen Wei and each is completely unique!

#1 - Diameter: 7.6m,Height: 6cm,Volume: 110ml

#2 - Diameter: 7.7m,Height: 7.3cm,Volume: 160ml

#7 - Diameter: 9.6m,Height: 6.8cm,Volume: 180ml

#8 - Diameter: 9.3m,Height: 8cm,Volume: 220ml

#9 - Diameter: 7.6m,Height: 6.7cm,Volume: 180ml

#10 - Diameter: 7.6m,Height: 7cm,Volume: 170ml