Fan Chao Cha Shi

Fan Chao Cha Shi is the brand name of expert ceramic artist, Master Yifan. Master Yifan is a mentor and teacher of a new generation of artists in Jingdezhen, including many of the other artists on 180andup - Chen Wei, Zhuan Yuan, and more.

In some ways, Yifan's story is a bit like Van Gogh - when he was younger, he tried many different jobs and businesses and only decided to focus on his art after discovering his own style. He always loved tea and has been working with ceramics for over 20 years, bridging formal Chinese traditions with Japanese aesthetics as well as his own understanding of wabi-sabi and understated elegance. Above all, Yifan believes that teaware must be great for brewing and drinking tea - not just to look at.

This lead him and his students to focus on smaller teapots that avoid over-steeping or wasting tea leaves, cups & gongdaobei with textures that are enjoyable to feel, etc.