The Enchanting Elegance of Mengding Ganlu Green Tea

Several years ago, one of my best friends in Sichuan introduced me to Mengding Ganlu (蒙顶甘露) – a captivating green tea that continues to enchant me to this day.

A Memorable Introduction

My first time savoring Mengding Ganlu was truly unforgettable. I visited my friend's tea house and expected to drink our classic green tea, Longjing, but he surprised me with a new green tea to try. As my friend brewed the tea, he pointed out the delicate buds gracefully dancing in the water. When I took my first sip, the tea's invigorating sweetness and refreshing taste instantly captured my heart. That enchanting experience sparked a lasting love affair with Mengding Ganlu.

This Year's Harvest

This year's Mengding Ganlu is particularly special, offering an even sweeter and fresher taste than before. It's the perfect tea to savor during the slightly warmer days of April and May, as its refreshing flavor brings a sense of serenity and rejuvenation.

Brewing Memories with Mengding Ganlu

Mengding Ganlu and other fresh green teas are best brewed at 180°F (80°C) to bring out the delicate flavors without burning the leaves.

With green tea, first fill your glass or gongdaobei with hot water and then add leaves to the cup. Mengding Ganlu leaves are soft and fuzzy but after brewing their tender green color will emerge. Watch the graceful buds as they rise and fall and gently unroll.

I source my Mengding Ganlu from a teamaster named Xiang Zi whose family has lived near Mengding mountain for generations. His studio specializes in hand rolling the soft green leaves to enhance the tea's richness.

Dry Mengding Ganlu Green Tea Before Brewing

Mengding Ganlu Green Tea After Brewing

A Taste of Sichuan's Soil

As you take your first sip, you'll be transported to the tea's origin in the Sichuan region. The clear and bright tea, showcases the tea's freshness and delicate sweetness. The smooth, lasting mouthfeel connects you to the rich history and terroir of the region, allowing you to discover the subtle flavors and aromas within this enchanting tea.

Sharing My Passion for Tea

I hope that by sharing my personal journey with Mengding Ganlu, I have inspired you to give it a try and perhaps even embark on your own tea adventures. Tea has always been an essential part of my life, and my goal is to share this enthusiasm with all of you.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a moment of serenity, consider sipping on a cup of Mengding Ganlu. Let the enchanting flavors and the rich history of this exquisite tea transport you to a place of connection and joy.

If you want to buy some of this year's harvest from Master Xiang Zi, please email me at or send me a message on instagram @180andup!

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