"Infinite Details" Fen Yin Gongdaobei Shared Cups by Cheng Wei


Our artist Cheng Wei's latest series of Gongdaobei is called "Infinite Details" because you can look forever at the the mix of colors and layers and always find new details to appreciate. The dominant color is the off-white Fenyin powder-glaze technique, but there are also specs of red and maroon, and subtle color variations across the body of each gongdaobei. Each is unique, so pick your favorite below!

  • #1:Diameter: 7.7cm, H: 7.3cm, V: 190ml
  • #2:Diameter: 8.6cm, H: 7cm, V: 180ml
  • #10:Diameter: 8.5cm, H: 7.8cm, V: 180ml