Black & Metallic Glaze Black"Welding" Gongdaobei

612 $90.00

Wu Hou Studio's "Welding" series of teaware is inspired by industrial textures to accent the lines and shapes of their ceramics. On this Gongdaobei, the "welding" lines wrap about the largest circumference on its body as well as emphasizing the two ends of its major axis.

However, industry must live in harmony with nature, so if you look at the top of the gongdaobei, you see that it is shaped like a perfectly formed water drop!

The fully body makes this gongdaobei especially suitable for Oolong and Rock teas as it can collect their wonderful aroma.

  • Height: 8.5cm
  • Diameter: 7.5cm
  • Volume: 180ml

3 Colors available Black, Metallic Glaze Black, and White