Jianshui with Zhou Bronze-Inspired Patterns - Ji Shang Zao Wu

462 $350.00

This series of beautiful one-of-a-kind jianshui are hand-made by a husband and wife artist couple in Jingdezhen, China. They've been inspired by the patterns on Zhou-Dynasty bronzes and brought the ancient spirit here in miniature for your tea ceremony. Five unique jianshui available:

  1. Mouth: 6.3cm, Height: 6.3cm, Volume: 300ml
  2. Mouth: 6.5cm, Height: 6.6cm, Volume: 300ml
  3. Mouth: 6.5cm, Height: 6.8cm, Volume: 300ml
  4. Mouth: 7cm, Height: 7cm, Volume: 380ml
  5. Mouth: 6.5cm, Height: 7cm, Volume: 350ml