Iron-Handle Wabi-Sabi Tea Kettle

150 $580.00

I love these new wabi-sabi style tea kettles from artist Cheng Wei. Each large hand-made tea kettle features a ceramic body with a unique glaze with a beautiful attached iron handle. Each kettle will be slightly different because they are each made by hand.

They are perfect for either a personal zen tea time or for a formal gongfu tea ceremony.

With more usage, the surface of the kettle will evolve and become smooth, shiny, and beautiful. In Chinese, we call this process 养壶 or "raising the teapot".

Short Kettles - Height: 7.8cm, Lid Diameter: 5.8cm, Volume: 700ml

Tall Kettles - Height: 11cm, Lid Diameter: 6.5cm, Volume: 700ml