Limited Edition Huishan Red, Copper, & Calligraphy Teapot #4 by Cheng Wei

571 $645.00

Limited Edition Huishan Red Clay Teapot, crafted by Cheng Wei. Ideal for Oolongs and Dancong teas, this teapot's wide body allows the leaves to unfurl fully, enhancing their natural flavors. Despite its small size, suitable for 1-3 people, this teapot will be especially suited for Chaozhou-style tea ceremonies.

The teapot is adorned with beautiful copper rims and features hand-carved calligraphy reading "闲坐听松风" (Sitting leisurely, listening to a breeze in the pine trees) in seal script.

  • Height: 6.2cm
  • Lid Diameter: 3.2cm
  • Volume: 60ml