Natural Earth Textured Gongdaobei Share Cup by Cheng Wei


These two hand-made Gongdaobei (share cups) are Cheng Wei's latest pieces in his Natural Earth collection. When you want to feel grounded, brew a wonderful aged pu'er or yancha rock tea and enjoy!

Available Gongdaobei:D: 9.2cm, H: 6.9cm, V: 130ml

  1. D: 8.2cm, H: 7.7cm, V: 170ml
  2. D: 8.7cm, H: 8.2cm, V: 170ml
  3. D: 8.8cm, H: 7cm, V: 150ml
  4. D: 9.2cm, H: 6.9cm, V: 130ml