Peacock Blue Kiln-fired Teacups - Series 4


This is the 4th series of these hand-made Peacock Blue teacups by Zhuan Yuan. Every series is unique as he develops and modifies his techniques. In this series, Zhuan Yuan has added a translucent blue, crackled glaze on the bottom of the inside of the cups – like drinking out of a clear blue mountain lake!

These Peacock Blue cup series usually sell out pretty quickly and Zhuang Yuan never repeats the same design, so if you like them you should act fast!

Available in two sizes. #1 is slightly larger and would make a great host cup.

  • #1 D: 6cm, H: 4.2cm, V: 50ml
  • #2 D: 4.7cm, H 4.1cm, V: 30ml