Plump Silver Modern Teapot for Oolong Tea & Yancha

629 $250.00

Lately, I've fallen in love with this modern teapot from the Wuhou artist collective.

The full body and wide spout make it a perfect teapot for Oolong tea and Yancha. Oolong leaves are broad so the body gives them room to unfurl while brewing. The wide spout means you can quickly drain the teapot and stop the brewing process at the right time because these teas should not be brewed too long.

With this teapot's modern design, pay attention to the lid and the lovely surface texture. The lid is slightly wider than the pot because it is designed to be lifted from the side while the stylized knob calls back to the traditions of Yixing teapots while presenting a simplified aesthetic.

On the outside, they have added a layer of silver powder and glaze to give it its striking appearance. Available in both bright silver and oxidized, darkened silver.

This teapot is glazed on the inside so you can use it with various teas and simply clean it with water, making it extremely versatile and a go-to for tea with friends.

  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Height: 8.5cm
  • Volume: 140ml