Qinghua Gaiwan - The boy, the hermit, and the mountain

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The illustration on this gaiwan from Qing Wu Tang artist studio illustrates the poem in calligraphy on the side.

Seeking the Recluse, to No Avail
By Jia Dao (Tang Dynasty)
Beneath the pines, I ask a young boy,
"Where has the sage gone to gather herbs?"
"Somewhere in these misty mountains,
Obscured by clouds, I know not where."

In the Tang Dynasty, hermits were often considered wise men who could take disciples. Every line and image carries a symbolic meaning - the poet is expressing both his desire to live a pure life and his admiration for the wise hermit and his student. Pine trees are unruly and do not follow the crowd, and the white cloud represents the nobleness and freedom of a hermit's life.

  • Diameter: 8.2cm
  • Height: 7cm
  • Volume: 90ml