"Seven Bowls of Tea" Host Teacup Series 2


These teacups are handmade by Master Yifan from Fan Chao Cha Shi. They are an exquisite combination of ceramics, calligraphy, and metalwork. The calligraphy poem is "Seven Bowls of Tea" by Lu Tong, the famous Song Dynasty poet.

At 70ml, they are slightly larger than most of our teacups, which makes them an ideal "host cup" for when you are serving tea to your guests. The metal lip also adds a wonderful visual & textural highlight - the feel of drinking from these cups is unique and very smooth!

You'll treasure this teacup for many years - I certainly treasure mine!

  • Volume: 70ml
  • Height: 5cm
  • Diameter: 6cm

Three variants are available: Red with Copper, Qinghua with Silver, and Qinghua with Copper.